The Garden of my Mind

The garden of my mind is filled with the flowers of June but it's at noon when the sun begins to fade that concept creativity that burns inside of me now it pains me to see all that is happening to me, but just as a tree I must nurture the roots that grow inside of this sea. Because I dig and I dig. Hoping that the spout of my bud ascends. But until I make my amends to the end. Then my garden will constantly need weeding. Weeding man for you see I longed for the love of laughter that cultivated conclusion to created concept what I enjoy is bliss but you see the garden of my mind is dry of the water it needs. In order to become the beginning of a possibility, do you feel me? This is the real me. For I am recognizing and utilizing all of my abilities to be free from a weed of greed men, God gives me all I need and I concede to the creed of Christ. Knowing that my life my life will be tight if I love him with all of my might, then my garden will be alright, it will be all right for you see. It takes the spirit to inherit God's merit. And if you wear it and don't tear it, then you will learn how to take care of it. I love this because I realize that I'm not above this, and if I struggle to bubble then my garden must be in trouble because the elements are out here, just nurturing me nurturing me further towards my final harvest. Now I don’t know weather it’s my Garden or my mind, but can you tell me the difference as I rhyme and dine on this sunshine? I’m working hard to stay in line with the vine of this sweet wine that I pour out for you, so tell me brothas and sistas, do you like the Garden of my mind like I do…
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